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  • Converting a Windows drive into a pooled drive

Converting a Windows drive into a pooled drive

One of the most powerful features of Drive Bender is its ability to take an existing Windows drive and convert that to a Drive Bender pooled drive using the same drive letter.
For example, you have an existing drive X which is running low on space. Instead of adding a larger drive to the system, then coping all the files to that drive, simple convert the drive to a Drive Bender pooled drive. Once converted, you system will look as it did before, including the existence of the drive X, however drive X is now a Drive Bender pooled drive that can be increased as required. Simply add a new drive to the pool, and drive X grows accordingly.
Drive conversion is straight forward, simply specify the drive, and then convert. There may be a chance that the system will require rebooting to complete the conversion. If a reboot is required, the conversion process will continue upon reboot, however and services or application that rely on the drive being converted, may not start. If the is the case, another reboot will be required once the conversion is complete.
Important – Do not convert any system dependant drive (such as drive C for example), doing so may render you system unbootable.
Tip - If you are using Drive Bender on an install of WHS, the drive conversion feature is a great way to turn the default drive D to a pooled drive.